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April 5, 2017

 A legitimate bucket list item was checked off of my list. The stars aligned. The King of Country met the Queen of Gilded Glory. George Strait met Georgie Ferrell. About damn time we met, I'd say. I must admit, we talked for maybe .78 minutes. Our conversation went alittle bit like


"Hi Im Georgie."


"Hi, Im George, Nice to meet you..."




"What did you say your name was?"


"Georgie, just like you!"


.78 minutes of FUN! 


Anyways, The King was in town to promote his new and very authentically delicious tequila, Còdigo 1530. It sent me back to sippin' on some 'ritas on the beach in Cabo even though I was just at a tequila tasting on a. hungover Monday after a big wedding weekend. 


Thanks for the check off the 'ole list George. I am truly honored to be your samename, or "Tocallo" as is the Spanish word. I will think of our deep conversation every time I sing Clear Blue Sky etc etc. 


Click HERE to get more scoop on this tequila. Click HERE to read more about my encounter with the King on









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